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HydraDX is in the process of fully decentralizing its governance. All decisions which affect the protocol are adopted following a democratic process which is supported by the Substrate democracy module. The central mechanism for establishing consensus among the stakeholders is the referendum.

This section contains a series of knowledge articles which should provide you with a better understanding of the mechanisms behind the governance of HydraDX. You will find more information on how referenda work, as well as on the two central groups of governance actors: the HydraDX Council and the Technical Committee.

If you are looking for practical guidance on how to participate in the governance of HydraDX, please refer to the step-by-step guides on participating in referenda and participating in Council elections.

Democracy parameters#

The list below contains the most important parameters which influence the governance mechanism on HydraDX. Please note that these may change over time.

  • Minimum HDX deposit for initiating a referendum: 10 000 HDX
  • Referendum enactment period: 6 days
  • Referendum voting period: 3 days
  • Emergency referendum voting period: 3 hours
  • Cooloff period after a referendum has been rejected: 7 days
  • Maximum pending referendum proposals: 100