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Asset Registry


This pallet provides the functionality to create, store and keep track of the existing assets on the chain.



Id of the core asset in the system.

#[pallet::getter(fn core_asset_id)]
pub type CoreAssetId<T: Config> = StorageValue<_, T::AssetId, ValueQuery>;


Next asset id to be assigned for an asset. It is incremented each time a new asset is added to the registry.

#[pallet::getter(fn next_asset_id)]
pub type NextAssetId<T: Config> = StorageValue<_, T::AssetId, ValueQuery>;


Assets currently present in the system. It represents a mapping between the name of the asset and its id.

#[pallet::getter(fn asset_ids)]
pub type AssetIds<T: Config> = StorageMap<_, Twox64Concat, Vec<u8>, Option<T::AssetId>, ValueQuery>;


Asset registry provides one method which gets or creates an asset.

pub fn get_or_create_asset(name: Vec<u8>) -> Result<T::AssetId, DispatchError> {}

Given a name, the pallet checks whether an asset with the provided name already exists. If not, it generates next asset id and stores it in a map together with the name.